24 April 2011

Meet our new girls

In selecting chickens, Shaun went for something practical and low maintenance (being a man) and I picked something for both beauty and bounty (being not a man).  Shaun likes to tell me every day that his four White Leghorns are a far superior choice to my four Light Sussex.  Granted, his are laying and mine are yet to, but mine are gorgeous to look at and complete characters.  They are still fighting it out as to who the boss chook is and whilst there is a bit of pecking going on, its mostly being decided by who can rush over to another hen the fastest and then stand dead still the longest.  Even if one of the chooks trips over a stalk of grass (which they do), its on.  All the Light Sussex chooks come pelting over and then play the statues game.

The girls have clearly spent most of their short lives in the shade, as they don't seem to like the sun.  They track around their spacious run, following the shade.  We're hoping they'll adjust to the real world soon.  And I'm hoping the Sussex girls start laying, as Shaun is eyeing them funny, plump as they are.
 Here's one of Shaun's Leghorns (I'm secretly very fond of them, particularly the one we call Rooster)
And here is the Zen Pen, where they live (don't the Sussex girls look gorgeous)
Shaun, the architect and builder of this fine establishment, making final adjustments to the ramp

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