24 April 2011


Last week we had someone come in to dig some swales for us.  The purpose of the swales is to slow the water down as it comes down the slope and capture it in "channels".  Then on the low side of the swale, you plant your fruit trees so that when it rains, the water collects in the channel and seeps into the ground underneath the fruit trees, rather than it just washing off down the slope.  So slopes become more productive and orchards can be more effectively watered.  You start by finding the contour lines on which you'll dig the swales. We used a laser to map them out and then Ben (from Yards) dug them as marked.

After the first day, he's managed two and a half and will be coming back after Easter to finish.  We'll have four once he's done.
Toby is watching to make sure I do a good job judging where the avocado trees will go.
We'll be planting nut trees, citrus and tropical fruit such as custard apple and chocolate pudding fruit trees (of course).  Here's some we just picked up from our local nursery, just waiting to be planted in a few days.

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