19 March 2012

Update on the veggie patch

Despite all the rain, we've still been tapping away in the patch, planting up the new one and getting patch no.5 ready.  Patch No.4 is now full with rainbow chard, eggplant, garlic, potatoes, broadbean and rocket.  Much of that is still in as seeds, but they are beginning to sprout. The sunflowers are done and have been feeding the chooks one head at a time.

Patch No.5 is looking delicious, if you like biodynamic cow poo and lucerne that is.  I'll let it sit for another week and then pile up some rows and pop in the irrigation and we'll be away.
Patch No.3 has had the rock melon left overs removed (thanks girls) and is all pumpkin now.  They've really taken off but there are only a few little pumpkins at the moment (very frustrating at this point).  Still, the soil is looking good.

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