13 March 2012

new rasberry patch

I had grand plans for my old Sydney raspberries as they were transported carefully to their new home here in Durban and having a spot chosen for them where they could be properly managed.  They started to establish themselves but weren't doing anything that impressive.  Since that time, my husband had decided he wanted a shed near the raspberries new home and that they would (a) get in the way when he was mowing and (b) get in the way of the grow tunnel he wanted to extend from the said shed.  So he eventually convinced me to dig them all up and move them to a new home.  This was easier said than done, but we did it a few weekends ago and do you know what, they are doing much better in their new spot, its is much easier to mow and they won't get in the way....well you get the idea.
So the grand plan here is to prune the cane to two each winter and move either side to keep any runners at bay.  Famous last words I hear you say??  Well that's the plan and what's gardening without a plan....

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