17 March 2012

The gate to paradise

Patch no.2 where all those lovely watermelons, corn and beans have been growing is almost spent and ready for our volunteer labourers to come in and clean up, ready for some winter crops.  And this is the gate they rush through on their way to get at grasshoppers, worms and other lovely things.
I want to put a bit of wire around the climber that's going up the archway, some more around a tomato that self seeded from last time the girls were in here and is just fruiting and also a barrier across the far end where the rosella's are.  I wasn't sure if chickens like rosella's but once they were in the pumpkin patch (patch no. 3) I discovered they do, as they've stripped the lower leaves of those on that side of the fence.  Ah well, I'm sure they recover when I lock that gate.  So once the protective barriers are up, then its open slather girls! I'll post the pics of the feeding frenzy tomorrow.....

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