15 January 2012

Surviving The Heat

I recently saw a post on Brisbane Local Food, where someone had built a structure over their summer garden bed to give the veggies some relief.  We have a raised garden bed of self seeded Chinese greens that was really struggling in the Brisbane heat of this past week, so I thought it was time to give it a go myself.  Fortunately, I had just pruned the palms, so I had palm fronds coming out my ears.  And a few star pickets and a bit of string later, and here we are

Another holiday job was to dig up all the grass in this first patch and put cardboard down, followed by sawdust.  Apparently slugs don't like crawling over it and we had quite a slug problem this winter, so I'm hoping the new pathways will be the solution.  It should look good, even if its not.  I need another load of sawdust and I'm finished.  And a big thanks to Sandi, who "woofed" for us last week and did more than her fair share of grass lifting.
I've also just planted out the next round of seedlings from our makeshift nursery, so hopefully they will take nicely with the rain we're having today.
And when the Pidgeon Peas get a bit bigger (front right), they'll go up onto the swales.  And lastly, in case you're interested, the sunflowers have continued to shoot for the sky, despite the heatwave.  And the vine climbing up the archway is making a dash for it too.

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