15 January 2012

Making It From Scratch

Like so many others, I enjoy reading Rhonda's blog, Down to Earth, and so have been inspired to make more from scratch.  So this month, its been breakfast cereal.  I'm a real fan of nutty museli, so I thought I would give that a go.  My first attempt was just OK, but I've added more flavour into this second batch with a bigger variety of nuts, more sunflower and pumpkins seeds, extra coconut, and more honey (that was produced by a friend's bees - thanks Hans).  And the result is fabulous.
Here are the dry ingredients

And then after the toasting in the oven....
I was outside in the garden while this was cooling and mentioned to Shaun that someone must be cooking something delicious for dinner at the neighbour's house.  But ironically, Shaun had opened up the windows and I was smelling my own creation.  Things were looking up for tomorrow's breakfast.

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