11 January 2012

Bean crop is coming along

I mentioned we are growing beans and a few other crops for a local restaurant.  The first crop we planted is now in full swing with plenty for us and plenty left over.  We have just under ten growing on the fence and up the corn.  We planted a second round and this is about to start setting beans as well.

Its wonderful these days to have so many choices for small scale producers and for consumers.  You can go direct to families through Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) such as that used by Purple Pear or through an intermediary such as Food Connect  You can sell at farmers markets such as the one at Northey Street here in Brisbane or sell to local stores, cafes and restaurants.  The main thing is to know where your food is coming from and how its grown, if you can't grow it yourself.  Its so ironic that safe, healthy food has become such an issue in this age of mind-blowing technology.  Have we outsmarted ourselves?

But back to the beans, here is the progress on the next crop, which are the yellow butter beans variety

This is where we were just a few weeks ago - just add water....

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