18 November 2011

A snake in the chicken run

I remember reading Linda Woodrow's post about the python in her chicken run and felt so happy that hadn't happened to us (yet).  As Shaun was opening the gate yesterday, the chickens were a bit more crazy than usual, squawking and carrying on.  What Shaun didn't realise is that they'd already worked out there was a python at his feet, just waiting to snake into the run.  Once Shaun had put two and two together, the snake had ducked through the gap that opening the gate had created.  He had a moment to decide whether he should grab its tail or try and deal with it on the other side.  The other side prevailed but it went straight into the bushes on the inside of the run, and though he could see it, it wasn't easy to reach.

Shaun was very calmly telling me this story, standing over the snake.  I was most impressed that instead of running screaming from the gate, he had the sense of mind to look at his feet, check out the markings and realise it was a python and not a brown snake.  Clearly, this is slightly more level headed than my approach would have been....  The girls however, were keen to get a look at their new run-mate - keen to get an eyeful but not come within range.  It was quite funny to watch.

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