01 November 2011

Speaking of Sydney plants

As I mentioned, I brought a number of plants with me when we moved up to Brisbane.  The new owners didn't want a veggie patch or orchard so they said we should feel free to take anything.  So my friend Selena helped me pot up what we thought might do OK and then she and another friend, Chris, both who live in the next street from our old place, came by to rehouse the rest.  Selena tells me the peach, apricot and apples are all setting fruit now (and I'm trying not to be jealous).  Of those I did bring up, here are a few pics of how they are faring.
This avo tree didn't take the move at all well and looked like a stick in the ground for many months.  We loved it up regardless and now look

I wasn't sure about the dwarf nectarine but thought as it was in a pot already, I'd take a chance.  It's doubled in size and whilst it gave me about four gorgeous nectarine last season, there are over a dozen babies on there now.
And this grape was in a sheltered westerly position in Sydney and didn't do much.  I've put it on the west side of the house here too and its sprung back to life after looking even worse than the avo tree. And since I took this photo, its also almost twice the size.  I'm looking forward to having grapes growing along the verandah, so I can pop outside when I work up an appetite here at the computer and grab a bunch.

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