15 October 2011


We've seen far fewer snakes that we were led to expect this year, but maybe things are about to change.  Maybe the snakes were letting us settle in before they revealed themselves.  In one day, Shaun stumbled across four (well, partly stumbled and then went looking under a log).  Here is a photo of one (it doesn't  look too scary....)

Apparently Yellow Faced Whip snakes are poisonous but not deadly.  Good to know.  Is that true for frogs too?


  1. I don't know that snake. We have red bellied blacks and brown snakes here. I don't mind the blacks too much but I could do without the browns especially when they come into the house yard!

  2. This is only my identification, so it could be something completely different... :)

    I'm familiar with red-bellies as they were a common sighting while trail running or MTBing in Sydney. My biggest fear is for the dogs and Brown snakes, as they (the dogs) are rather inquisitive and a Brown wouldn't care for the attention.

    As for Browns in the house yard - yikes!
    Have you seen/tested those solar snake deterrents? I might give them a go if I come across some Browns... ;)