31 October 2011

Beauty over bounty

Whilst most of our energies have gone into getting the property productive, I've also spent a bit of time on creating some parts of the garden that are just for pleasure.  With the hot summers Brisbane has, the property came with a pool.  Whilst the surrounds were full of weeds and the pool surface stained from what seemed to be duck poo, we were very happy to have it.  There is a pathway through the tropical forest (if I can call it that) that sits between the house and the pool.  It was quite overgrown when we came and so we've been attacking it a bit, as well as re-landscaping the pool surrounds.  The bougainvillea on the rock ledge above the pool was a devil to get out and I have the scars to prove it.
We're not there yet, but things are starting to look up.

Here is the path before we got stuck in...
And here is the path thus far...
Here is the pool before (and we'd cut the weeds down the week before as they were head high)
And here is the half way point with the new surrounds, which we are still finishing off.  Cleo had just finished inspecting Shaun's work.

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