14 May 2011

Wattles Down!

After many more 'How To' videos on cutting down large trees, I did what anyone on 'Who want's to be a millionaire' and other game shows would do - phoned a friend. :)

Thankfully he was free and could come around on Friday to give me a hand. Strictly speaking, one shouldn't be cutting down trees alone so I was glad to have the company.

Trees on the orchard/swale area Closeup 1 Closeup 2
Size comparison (I wear a size 9) Rather large truck Top tree

Needless to say, the wattles come down without a hitch and fell exactly where I had wanted them to. It was both nerve wracking and exhilarating hearing the first 'creak and crack' before the tree began it's mighty plunge back to earth.
Here are some pics of the fallen trees:

Wide shot of the fallen trees. The real 'fun' now begins with chopping them up and carrying them away... who needs a gym membership when you have acreage?


  1. What was wrong with the poor old wattle?

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  3. Whoops, missed these comments...

    @Kyles - too many wattles, not enough food production trees... :P

    @Marcus - I tried but found it too difficult to use the chainsaw and hold the camera at the same time. ;)