11 May 2011

One Tree Hill

After many hours of instructional videos and reading of 'How To' guides (since Sunday), I decided to start up the Woodboss. To say that I am nervous about attempting the big wattles is an understatement as everything I have read/watched leads me to believe that they are not 'beginner' trees to cut down. I had even tried to book a chainsaw course but they were either booked until June or just too far from away.

So I thought I would start with something a little more simple, something like this:

After initially having trouble starting the Woodboss, the 'easy start' model, I rectified the problem (user related) and got it going. It was rather light to handle and seemed to have oodles of power even though I was being careful not to go full throttle while I ran in the engine. I started cleaning up some of the lower branches and needless to say, the Stihl simply glided through this little tree. It felt like what I can only imagine what a light sabre to be like, although not as sleek and elegant.
I was happy with the fact that it fell exactly where I had intended it to fall. Hopefully the Wattles will be as easy... yeah right!

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