08 May 2011

Something A Little More Serious

Up on the orchard slope (where the swales are), there are 2 really big/old black wattles and 1 soon to be large wild fig that are throwing too much shade and need to go. After receiving 2 quotes to remove the trees (which were a lot more than I thought, but then again I had no idea as to what the cost would be), my father (who was up on business) said that I should just buy a chainsaw and do it myself. I had planned to get a chainsaw, but just not yet as I was doing most branch/small tree removal with a hand saw. My father then offered to pay for the chainsaw and I had no reason not to get one!

After a quick search on the net, I decided that a Stihl would be the goer. Given the amount of Stihl dealers in the area, I figured I would be safe with warranties and services (if I needed them). After chatting to one of the guys in the store, I decided to go with the Woodboss MS 250.

Interestingly the American price for the exact same chainsaw is almost a third of what the Aussie price is. So it's not just the Aussie cyclists that great screwed over with the local market...

My first target is a young tree near the chook pen. It's nice and straight and the trunk is only about 200mm wide.

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