22 September 2013

The nursery

For my birthday last month, my sister-in-law and mother-in-law gave me a box of goodies from Green Harvest (the perfect present for me).  In the box where many packets of warm season seeds and sub-tropical seeds, so I ramped up the nursery and added a few more seeds that I'd saved from last season and got to it.  Three or four weeks later, its looking fabulous

The furthest two boxes are two breeds of heritage tomatoes, then the tamarillo (or tree tomatoes), then amaranth, then mixed lettuce, then the last box has spring onions and I've put some pidgeon pea seeds in there that are yet to show themselves. Here's the view from the other direction.  you can see how happy those tomatoes are.  In the pots to the left are a number of cuttings of fruit salad sage and a few trees I'm trying to grow from seed.
These are some pumpkin seedlings from seeds I'd saved from last year's crop.  They are literally throwing themselves out of the ground.  Now that they are up, I've taken the fly screen off so they can get some more height.  It won't be long before they'll be planted out up in the food forest to act as more ground cover, with benefits.
I've also got cucumber, butternut and watermelon at a similar level of growth, so there will be some serious planting going on soon.  Then the next round of seeds go in and so on.

On other plant that I've brought close to the house to keep a better eye on is my dwarf nectarine that I brought with me from Sydney when we moved a few years ago.  I had it planted on the property and it still did well and fruited, despite next to no attention.  But the 12 nectarines that it was sporting last season were all eaten by the locals (who can say what specifically, but someone else enjoyed them).  So with the sheep fencing going in nearby, I thought it was a good time to dig it up and bring it to a large pot near the house where I could keep an eye on it.  As its a dwarf, it should be happy in a pot and I also put a bit of green mulch in which I'm chopping and dropping, even on this mini scale.
I think it was a good move.  And hopefully, the local wild life will think twice before pillaging right outside my front door.  Well, let's hope anyway....

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