30 September 2013

A few surprises

In my last post I was talking about my cardamon and how much I love it.  I had heard, probably from the wonderful Jerry Coleby Williams, that we are too far south here in Brissie for the cardamon to ever flower and give us seeds.  But guess what??
I couldn't believe it this morning when I was giving the hedge a bit of water.  It was tucked away and the cardamon is now head height so it would have been easy to miss.  Well, I may not get seeds still, but I'm pretty happy just to see the flower.

Something else I was delighted to see this morning is this one
I have a few of them and saw them flower for the first time last year.  They are hands down the most beautiful thing in the garden, but as I'm more of a practical girl than a beauty girl, I didn't know what it was.  I did see one at the nursery the other day and tried to memorize the name.  Its something like a hippopotamus, which doesn't seem fair at all.

Another huge surprise is that I've somehow managed not to kill the third male kiwi fruit plant I've put in the garden!!  It has survived the winter and has shown his colours even before his new, and somewhat prolific girlfriend.

We had a good crop of mangoes last year so probably won't see much fruit setting this year.  But the two large trees are certainly giving the flowering a go

And just for a bit more whimsy, don't you love the colour of this nasturtium?


  1. Oh wow - I have a cardamom plant that everyone tells me is false cardamom- I wonder how you tell the difference. It was sold as cardamom - rennaisance herbs. How awesome to see a flower - I hope you get seeds :)

    1. I'll keep you up to date! I wish I knew why it flowered so I could try and replicate it. Honestly, as is often the case, it was total neglect and it sorted itself out