04 December 2011

After the drop

Now that we've got a bed of lovely green manure from the buckwheat and millet, we've planted our next crop.  We are growing a bumper crop of beans as we've been asked to supply some to a local restaurant, so outside of the beans we have growing up the corn and the fences, we've now put in more to grow up the sunflowers and two rows of butter beans where the buckwheat was.  As we've got nothing for them to grow up, we've built a little structure for them to grab on to.

And in patch No. 3, we've just laid the millet down and are letting the rock melons and pumpkins grow over it, as they need the space.


  1. Hi. I've just come across your impressive site. Well done.
    I'm particularly interested in your aquaponics set up - just thinking about how to do it here, and like you I will start with a small system.
    Would you be willing to share more details of your design?

  2. Hi Gordon. Thank you and of course we'd be happy to share some info. There is also an aquaponics forum that might be of interest to you as its loaded with info. Let us know what specifically you'd like to know.
    Cheers, Sandy