05 September 2011

Aquaponics begins...

Shaun has been researching every word ever written on aquaponics and thinking through all the ins and outs of the site we plan to use for our test site.  He grew up raising fish, so this is just up his street. We love the idea of the mutual benefit of growing fish and plants together, with one providing what the other needs and visa versa.  So he's found some cheap tanks and got cracking today with the leg work.

For the grow beds, the tanks need to be cut in half, put up on blocks and then filled with gravel.  But first, they need to get to the site, which was easier said then done.
 Shaun lugged them and their frames up these ramps to where they'll live. No mean feat on his own.
This is the spot our system will live. Its a nice flat site, with good access to power and close to the house for regular checking. So he started digging the foundations for the grow beds and surprise.... we weren't expecting that!!

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